Damien de Jong

About us

DAMIEN DE JONG is a French family business located in the center of Alsace, 20 minutes away from Strasbourg, trading and processing fresh and frozen game meat.

  • We are involved in international trading and processing of fresh and frozen game meat.
  • We import our products from all over the world: New Zealand, Australia, New Caledonia, China, South Africa, Argentina, USA and all EU.
  • We employ about 25 and 50 workers depending on our activity period.
  • Our customers are: supermarkets, industrials and wholesalers located in France and EU.
  • In our plant, we produce 3 types of products: roasts, diced meat and steaks.

The product range is:

Traditional game : Venison, Roe Deer, Wild Boar, Pheasant, Pigeon, Partridge, Mallard and Hare.

Exotic game : Ostrich, Bison, Antelope, Kangaroo and Reindeer.

45% of the turnover is made abroad. Thanks to our geographic situation, our “Know How”, the adaptability and motivation of our staff, our flexibility and innovation spirit, we are confident to develop the company.


Our main concern is to give you pleasure and satisfaction with our products. We guarantee their hygiene and food security with:

  • Following the HACCP processes
  • Handling regular internal & external audit of our suppliers
  • Having regular controls from French veterinary services
  • Complying with the GGE certification
  • Complying with the IFS certification


1956 : DAMIEN DE JONG starts up with a local fresh fish trading activity.

1966 : DAMIEN DE JONG becomes a limited company and starts the frozen game import.

1975 : Construction of the first game cutting room in France with a cold store (capacity of 1 000 pallets).

1977 : Creation of a German subsidiary.

1980 : Focus on game activity and stop the fish one.

1992 : A fire destroys our cold store: 900 tons of frozen products are destroyed.

1997 : Relocates to Dambach la ville, 20 min away from Strasbourg.

1999 : Development of the fresh products for supermarkets.

2001 : The “mad cow disease” fear pushes the consumer to find an alternative to beef.

2006 : 50 years old. New logo and new marketing strategy.

2010 : Launch of a sustainable development policy.